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Heritage on the Move

Apr 2, 2020

For several years I have been a member of the local heritage advistory committee, which as the name suggests advises local government on heritage issues.

As a committee, we spend a lot of time regretting the disappearance of yet one more valuable heritage structure. So it is nice to have a small success story to report.

The home pictured above is known as the Copper Cottage. Built in North Vancouver in 1908, it is also known as the James Residence after its original owners, Grace and William James. It came up for sale last year. Well, not for sale exactly. It was available for nothing from the developer who planned to demolish it if no one stepped up to take it off his hands. At the last moment new owners were found and last month the little piece of North Van history was moved three blocks away to its new location.

The move was captured on film. If you are looking for a break from all the bad news and cat videos, you can watch it here.