Daniel Francis

Reading the National Narrative


Jan 6, 2016

One of the best reasons I know of to get out of bed every morning is the expectation that Sadie Stein might have posted one of her delightful reports at The Paris Review blog.

Yesterday Ms Stein revealed herself to be the only other person besides myself (OK, I'm exaggerating) to use the term quasquicentennial in a sentence. Next time you are at a dinner party, tell everyone to turn their cellphones off and ask if anyone knows the meaning of the word. Unless you are dining with a group of Latinists, I'd wager that there will be a lot of headscratching. Trust me, I've tried it.

The reason why I am so up on my centennials is that for the past year I have been writing a history of the District of North Vancouver to commemorate its 125th anniversary. That's right, its quasquicentennial. The District was incorporated in 1891 and originally stretched from Horseshoe Bay on the west all the way to Deep Cove in the east.

The book, which is titled Where Mountains Meet the Sea, will appear in the summer of 2016. Look for it at fine booksellers and online.

UPDATE: Sadly, Ms. Stein no longer columnizes for the Paris Review blog. Her last post is here.